Inspectie waterkeringen

Improvement of the inspection of flood defence systems

This website contains information about the Program PIW that is executed by Rijkswaterstaat Waterdienst and STOWA. The program aims on improving inspection of flood defence systems (dikes, dams, dunes) in the Netherlands.

The inspection of these flood defence systems is an important task in order to be aware of the weaknesses of the assets and be able to repair these weaknesses in time. In 2003 and 2004 two  dike breaches occurred in Wilnis and Stein, two dutch villages. After these incidents, the program was started to research how the quality of the inspections can be improved.

The program led to a guideline about inspections in The Netherlands: The manual for inspection of Flood Defense Systems. The guide consists of three parts:

- Inspection manual part 1: Organizing inspections (.pdf).
This report describes the Inspection planning, the Inspection process cycle (and related cycles), The Inspection Plan, Reports, etc.

- Inspection manual part 2: Technical information (.pdf).
This report describes the required equipment, inspection methods and techniques, inspection framework per category and last but definitely not least, the relation of the damage to levee failure mechanisms.

- Inspection manual part 3: Template Inspection Plan (Dutch) (.doc)
Dit document provides a template for your organization Flood Defense System Inspection plan.

In addition, an Inspection Strategy tool is developed to help design a strategic inspection planning. Download Inspection Strategy Tool (.xls).

Next to this guideline, the program contains the following activities:

  • Development of a catalogue with images of potential damages that can occur (Digigids);
    Go to the application: Digigids
  • Development of a registration tool (Digispectie) that can be used to store observations (text and photo’s) at a certain GIS-location on a hand-held computer;
  • Real-time monitoring of dikes using sensors that are placed inside the dikes (LiveDijk).

Feel free to contact us for more information about the program and more information for your organization to improve your inspections of Flood Defense Systems: Contact details.